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Pioneering the Future of Web3 Digital Retail

Evolving from our roots as Qpick, QX stands at the forefront of a retail revolution. Driven by the insights of “Life After Google”, we’re breaking free from the constraints of antiquated centralized data systems, embracing the infinite potential of Web3. Our ambition goes beyond mere adaptation; we’re redefining the entire paradigm of shopping experiences and loyalty programs, creating a symbiotic nexus between brands and consumers in this ever-evolving digital epoch.


By tapping into the formidable prowess of the Polygon Blockchain and gearing up for the breakthroughs promised by Ethereum 2.0, we’re not just offering solutions but a promise. A promise of unmatched privacy, of offers that truly understand individual preferences. Our tokenized loyalty rewards go beyond the transactional; they stand as dynamic symbols of trust and commitment in a world where these values are often in short supply.


Since our transformative journey began in 2022, we’ve been embraced by over 1,500 brands and retailers, each sharing our vision of a brighter retail future. With accolades from industry titans and unwavering support from trailblazers, our mission resonates louder each day: to champion a decentralized retail landscape where privacy is sacrosanct and P2P interactions flow seamlessly, enriching every stakeholder.

Founders and Managing Board

QX’s leadership team is rooted in deep personal bonds and professional alignments, with childhood friendships evolving alongside strategic additions, collectively guiding the company’s vision and growth.

Zoran Nasteski

Chief Executive Officer

Elena Kirandjiska

Chief Product Officer

Darko Madjoski

Business Development

Branislav Todorov

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Hristijan Jankulovski

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Teodor Bogoeski

Chief Blockchain Officer

Partners, Investors and Supervisory Board

Navigating the intricate landscape of the digital age, we’re bolstered by the backing of Europe’s finest. Their unwavering support, guidance, and vigilant oversight ensure we continuously evolve and excel. This collaborative synergy fosters our mission, driving us forward with the expertise of the continent’s best at our side.

Media, Awards and Achievements

From Qpick to QX: Evolution, Renewed Vision, and the Path Forward

Many within our community remember our initial avatar as Qpick. While these roots hold a place in our history, they also represent a period of stagnation. Our progress was curtailed by the stifling, centralized principles advocated by our previous tech leadership. This restrictive mindset became a bottleneck to innovation, putting us at odds with the dynamic needs of our industry and community. Recognizing this, we decided to sever ties with outdated approaches and chart a new course.


The transformation was not just symbolic; it was foundational. We abandoned the centralized shackles and onboarded a team of tech visionaries, well-versed in the power and potential of decentralization. This marked our rebirth as QX. Today, our journey is characterized by resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We’ve shed our old skin and are committed to leading the charge into a decentralized digital future.

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