Transitioning Brands to Web3 Loyalty

Discover a revolutionary Web3 ecosystem that empowers brands, smart cities, and consumers through decentralized technologies and tokenized rewards.


The brands challenge in the data-driven economy

In today's commerce evolution, consumers crave personalized brand experiences but are on edge due to recurrent data breaches. As third-party data processors amplify this mistrust, the bedrock of loyalty is in flux. Brands stand at a crucial crossroads, facing an ever-widening chasm between consumer aspirations and trust. Today's discerning shoppers insist on personalization and privacy while seeking universally valuable rewards.

Redefining Brand Loyalty with QX Web3 Customer Experience

QX Loyalty combines decentralized consumer identity with tokenized rewards for product brands, retailers, and shopping centers, empowering consumers with full data privacy and control while retailers reward them with versatile tokens. QX reward tokens are shareable, exchangeable, and stakeable, opening doors to NFT collaborations with local artists, charity events, and more, adapting loyalty to the new consumer requirements.


Building on Trust and Transparency

By integrating Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and dynamic reward tokens, we're pioneering the next phase of brand loyalty on the Polygon network. This leading Ethereum scaling solution ensures rapid, cost-effective transactions, paving the way for consumers and retailers to effortlessly transition to Web3.


Consumers interacting with our ecosystem obtain an SSI based on Ethereum and always control and protect their personal data, decide what they share with retailers, and earn rewards without sharing personal data.

A leading Ethereum scaling L2 solution that offers seamless, rapid, and affordable transactions, making it a great choice for businesses and consumers who want to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.


QX token is a cryptocurrency with real-world value that can be exchanged for goods and services. It offers a multitude of benefits for consumers and retailers alike, such as increased security, transparency, and efficiency.

Through OpenAPI we allow brands, businesses, and developers to seamlessly integrate their systems, share data and services with each other. This broad interoperability offers increased security, transparency, and efficiency.

Our Services

QX presents bespoke Web3 solutions and integrative offerings, meticulously crafted for Brands, Shopping Centers, and Smart Cities. This isn't merely an introduction; it's your gateway to a vast and interconnected Web3 ecosystem. Dive deeper and navigate the immense potential of an evolved retail landscape where tradition meets innovation.

Decentralized Customer Experience as a dApp

Our private-labeled dApp integrates with your existing systems to deliver unparalleled personalization and seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Web3 Loyalty Integration for Brands & Retailers

Our token management reward system powered by OpenAPI on Polygon blockchain network lets you extend your existing loyalty to Web3 and reach millions of next gen consumers.

Pioneering the Next Era of Retail Engagement

We positions brands at the forefront of technological evolution. Merging the potency of tokenized incentives with the allure of modern consumer demands, we drive brand resonance, ensuring you stand out in today’s dynamic retail environment. This ensures that you not only stand out but thrive and lead in today’s dynamic and ever-shifting retail landscape

Boost Engagement

As traditional rewards wane, propel your brand with tokenized incentives and captivate the next-gen consumer.

Maximize LTV

Deepen connections and elevate their interactive experience, ensuring long-term retention and brand affinity.

Increase Retention

Expand your presence in digital wallets, amplifying customer loyalty and enhancing their overall experience.

Future-proof your Brand

Embrace innovation to resonate with future generations and maintain a competitive edge on the market.

A vibrant Web3 ecosystem powered by OpenAPI

Catalyzing the future of commerce, QX's Web3 ecosystem harnesses the strength of OpenAPI. Seamlessly blending innovation with adaptability, we're forging pathways for enhanced consumer experiences and streamlined retailer integrations.


Enabling consumers to quickly brows restaurant menus and earn rewards for purchases and visits.


dApp and full system for customer experience for shopping centers and retail chains on top of blockchain.


Enabling direct purchases between independant designers and local shoppers powered by token cashback.

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